May 23, 2009

Weekend with the Beans!

YAY! We finally made it to Michigan with Brooklynn. It's the first time we've been back since Thanksgiving! (We went to Indiana, too, details in a separate post)
Highlights from the week were:
Meeting our nephew, Andrew! He is so cute and so sweet. You can't help but hug and cuddle this little guy. I love him.

We were also so excited to introduce Brooke to James, Charity, Erin, Adeline and Andrew. None of them have met her yet and it was so fun to show her off in person. Brooke LOVED all the attention. (she was a little hesitant at first; she's not used to quite that much excitement. She warmed up pretty quickly, though. Now she's a Bean for life.)

And of course seeing family and spending time with them!

Thanks, everyone for a great weekend! We miss you already!

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Charity said...


We miss you and are already hoping for another time to see you soon.

I like how in some of the pictures Andrew is in longsleeve pj's and a fleece body bag and Brooke is in a summer jumper:-) (the basement was really chilly at night)