May 25, 2009

Weekend with the Ashleys!

We finally made it back to Indiana! It was the first time since Thanksgiving, and Brooke's very first time. It was so good to be back and see family!

Some highlights from our visit:
Brooke finally got to meet her Grandpa Ashley
Brooke got to meet her Uncle Jacob

We got to meet Diana & Jacob's dog, Bernie

Spending time with my Mom (And Brooke getting to see her Grandma again)
Watching Brooke with her cousins, especially Mia. Mia LOVED Brooke and was so cute with her. Between Mia and Marisa, I don't think I had to change any of Brooke's diapers while they were there! It was fun to watch them interact. They are getting ready to be big sisters and are going to be such a big help! Brooke loves her cousins and can't wait to see them again. (And to meet her newest cousin when she gets here!)

Getting to see my sisters!

One word: Shopping

Brooke got some bonding time with her Aunts

Brooke got to see her Uncle Marc again. Boy does she love him! He got her laughing better than any of us! It was so cute! (James and Jacob, I think you have some competition!)

Playing at Johnny Appleseed Park. I think my neices and Bernie thought that the park was their favorite thing. And boy are they good at baseball already!

Brooke got to take so many naps with so many people! She loved it; I don't think I put her in her pack & play very much at all that week.

We got to hear Mia read! She is doing so great, I'm really impressed. She starts kindergarten in August. Here she is reading to Brooke.

On the way home Brooke and I stayed with Diana and Jacob in Toledo. Brooke got to meet their cats, Bird and Bella! She liked them but I think she likes Bernie better.

And of course, we took lots of pictures!

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Charity said...

My favorites:
the dog licking video
the tongue picture
and especially the giggle video
(James has to step it up)