May 23, 2009

Brooklynn is 4 Months Old!

I can't believe Brooke is 4 months old already! I weighed her last week and she is 14 pounds, 13 ounces. She doesn't go into the doctor until the 27th because we are currently in Michigan and Indiana visiting the Beans and the Ashleys! (Updates on our trip to follow when we get back).
Brooke has been putting anything and everything in her mouth. Her newest fascination is her toes, yup she can finally put those in her mouth. What a fun toy for her! I don't even need to give her toys, she'll happily talk to me and munch on her hand, blanket and her toes all day. She is a very social little girl. We try to get out when we can and she loves it! She won't go near her toys whenever we are out; she is just so intrigued by all the people, especially other kids. She also loves to be outside, that is probably one of her favorite things, just being outside in the fresh air, looking at all the trees. She loves going on walks. I've been trying to do that more just to get out of the house and also to get some exercise.
She has rolled over onto her stomach a few times, but mostly when she's on something soft like a bed or couch, she can't do it on the floor yet, but she is so close. She can scoot around in a complete circle by arching her back and then straightening out. She continues to kick a lot, but she is really exploring all she can do and branching out from just kicking constantly to throwing her legs up, arching her back, etc. She doesn't really stop moving still, just moving in different ways. Well, she is mostly still when she sleeps, but even then she is pretty active. Sometimes she will sleep with Josh and me and she'll wake up sideways. I'll have to scoot her back over to being long. Once a couple of weeks ago I got her up from her nap and she was lying sideways in her crib. I asked her about it and of course she was so proud of herself because I noticed.
I will write another blog entry after Brooke's doctor's appointment.
In this picture Brooke had pulled off one of her toy in her seat. She was so excited she could finally chew on it; I was impressed that she was finally strong enough to pull it off!
We did a towel photo shoot the other day, this one is one of my favorites. I tried to get her to stick her tongue out like she has been doing ALL THE TIME lately, and of course she wouldn't do it at all when I had the camera out. She's a stubborn little one. It cracks me up.

Brooke has been experimenting with "tasting" foods like apples, and rice cereal. She doesn't really eat it yet, it's more like a game to her so far, but it's fun. Her eyes light up like she's having the best moment of her life when she realizes she can put actual food in her mouth. It's so cute.
Brooke's cereal debut. She really liked it but it was so runny that it kept dribbling out of her mouth. We'll try again in a week or two.

Brooke has really started sticking her tongue out, all day long. It's hilarious.

This is Brooke's hungry cry, she kinda whines/talks. Almost like she's whining, "Mom, I'm hungry!" It's cute that she doesn't have to cry anymore to let me know, sometimes I'll enjoy the talking a little too long because it's so cute.

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