August 9, 2009

Our Drive Home

Well we started our drive after church at about 1:30? Actually I can't remember what time it was, maybe post-traumatic stress syndrome...
The first two hours were horrible. We decided to take 94 over to Toledo so we could stop off and visit Diana and Jacob. There was stand-still traffic due to construction and when my car is not moving at a good speed the air conditioning doesn't work. It blows out hot air. So we tried to do windows instead, but since we weren't moving at all nothing was happening. Did I mention it was 95 degrees on Sunday? So I was really nervous; mostly for Brooklynn's sake. I was so scared of her overheating. Her cheeks were all rosy and she was so cranky. We took a detour so we could go a little faster which helped a little. We just started praying. It did cool off a little bit but I was starting to dread the entire trip ahead of us. (It took me 15 hours on the way out.)
After Toledo the air conditioning worked better, partly because we were moving and partly because it was evening already. I thought Brooke would sleep most of the way when it was closer to her bedtime. She didn't. She was still pretty fussy. I guess she did eventually, but not until 10 or 11.
Josh had a cold and had to work the next day so I was all geared up to do a lot of the night driving. But when it was my turn to sleep Brooke was up and cranky. So Josh had to drive because I could not keep my eyes open. We got home at 2:30 am. Not horrible, but we've done much better. I think the days of driving it in one day are close to over.
At one of the rest stops

My view from the rearview mirror: A sleeping Josh and a sleeping Brooklynn


Andrea said...

A) I guess you shouldn't have left then...

B) is Brooke in a police car? (What did she do - try to get out of her carseat?)

Bethany said...

Yup, you should show it to your girls in case they try to get out of theirs.
Actually it's Drew from Josh's church, I thought it would be fun to take a picture of Brooke in a cop car...hopefully the only time. I don't know, I thought it would be funny when she's a teenager. Maybe my mind is really too far out there?