August 27, 2009

Progress with Feeding Brooklynn

We have had MUCH more sucess in the food department lately! YAY! It turns out that Brooke just a: Doesn't like baby food, and b: Wants to feed HERSELF. So, we put her in her high chair and dump food on her tray and she is getting much more of it. The way things used to go were every single bite she would spit and spit and spit like she didn't like it, and we think she also thought it was fun to watch it spray everywhere. We've been experimenting with big girl foods like the puffs and we have branched out and tried very small pieces of Salisbury Steaks, cheese, deli turkey, chicken lasagne tiny pieces of fruit and veggies. So far she is loving all the meat. Just like her Daddy. When she has food in front of her I can even sneak in a couple bites of baby food (unless it's the baby cereals), or the baby yogurt. I'm thrilled about this new development because I don't really need to make or buy baby food any more, she still won't take a bottle so now we can feed her solids to tide her over, and it is just so nice that she is happy eating.

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