December 12, 2009

10-Month Update

So it is way past Brooklynn's 10-month birthday but decided to post something anyway. We have been absolutely crazy busy with the move that I simply haven't had time to do anything. The day we got our Internet hooked up I had 634 emails. I'm down to about 300 but really? I still have yet to get our post office mail key, I put the request in over a week ago and still haven't heard anything.
On the flip side, 10 months is such a fun stage. It's actually my FAVORITE age for babies everywhere, so having my own daughter be 10 months old is pretty exciting. I'm just a little annoyed that I have so much unpacking to do so I can't fully enjoy it as much.
Brooklynn's favorite activities include putting everything and I mean EVERYTHING into her mouth.

She also loves to pull every single one of her books off the bookshelf and read it, then throw it on the floor. This activity keeps her busy until they are all on the floor then she finds something else to do. If I would endlessly put them back on the shelf (which is what happens a lot of the time) she would play this game all day.

She also really loves to climb the stairs and we do this all day when we are at Kai's house. She also loves to point at things and reminds me a little of E.T.
She is such a joy. We are so proud of her and has adjusted so well to the move into our new place. Stuff is still everywhere and it's overwhelming and she thinks it's all a fun game of, "Oh, look at all the new stuff I get to get into!"

Brooke is cruising everywhere and though she has taken some steps still likes to hold on to things or crawl. That is fine with me, I think she has plenty of time to walk. She will often stand all by herself and just clap because she is so proud of herself; I think she is too busy being proud that she is standing that she simply forgets to try and walk. Then she will knock herself over with the force of her clapping. What a cutie.
She is definitely a Mommy's girl lately. She's doing better about going to other people now, but if she sees me at all she only wants me to hold her. I don't mind so much.

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