April 26, 2009

Daddy Time!

Brooke LOVES her Daddy! I am especially grateful that Josh comes home for lunch to see her for a little bit during the day. It is so nice. He also watches her in the mornings so I can sleep for an extra hour. What a great Daddy! It's good bonding time for the two of them. Plus, it tires her out so by the time he leaves for work she is close to ready for her morning nap.

There is nothing cuter than her smile when I tell her that "Daddy will be home soon!" around 4:55. It is definitely a different smile than her other ones because she is SO excited to see him.

Brooke LOVES the weekends when Josh is home so much more than during the week. It's alway a little rough on Mondays and then she is like, "Hey, you were here all weekend and now you're gone again! I don't like that!" And then she will punish him by spitting up all over him...

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