September 2, 2011

7 Months Old!

Gabby is 7 months old!!
I can hardly believe it. This is a pretty good picture, considering every time I would sit her there, she would start crawling off the couch. It was tricky. I took so many picture this month and most of them it's of the top of her head (and she is face down on the couch.)
All Gabby wants to do is practice crawling. Even when she is trying to sleep she starts's getting harder to lie her down (for bed) because she just sits back up.
It is really nice because now that she is more mobile, she can just crawl to whatever she wants so she is SO much happier now. She is also starting to be able to entertain herself a little bit and also plays with Brooklynn sometimes. The other day they played Little People together for a while. It was precious.

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