September 2, 2011

School Work

So I decided that this year I would start doing "school" with Brooklynn a few times a week just to give her a little mind stimulation. Like structured time with some pre-school aged work. I figure sometimes we'll do some art project, sometimes work on letters, numbers, colors...etc. Well she LOVES it. We do it during Gabby's morning nap so it's just Mommy & Brooklynn time. In fact, she loves it so much that several times a day she will ask to do more "school work."
I bought a preschool workbook which is still WAY too advanced for her so I've been trying to think of things more age-appropriate. I would probably be able to do things a little more exciting if I had any time to "lesson plan". Most of the time it's just stuff I do right on the spot. Good thing she still loves it...but I'm running out of ideas or even skills we should be working on. Mostly it's projects focused on counting, shapes, colors and tracing. I'm not sure how to incorporate more letters into her "school-work" but I have a huge book of phonics activities that one day I'll break open. I'm also trying to figure out what skills she already has and then try to build on that. I know there is stuff available online but most of what I've found is still too advanced for her. So far we're very very basic but she LOVES it. I'm excited to incorporate some holiday-themed projects...guess what everybody's Christmas presents are going to be this year? ;)

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