September 19, 2011

Cookie Dough Monsters

I have to save lots of cookie dough in my fridge for Josh to snack on. Brooklynn has noticed that this is a special treat and loves to fight Josh for the beater, bowl and scraper. Josh says he always gets the beater no matter what since he is the husband. How can I resist a sweet little girl RUNNING towards me so excited yelling, "cookies! cookies!" when I say, "whoever wants the beater better come and give me a kiss!" (and note: Josh doesn't even move.) The first time I gave it to Brooklynn because I clearly stated the ground rules there. And he missed out. Now I just give her the bowl and scraper and Josh the beater. He was so mad that I didn't save it for him.
Either way they sure are cute eating their cookie dough. Josh got to show her the art of taking your finger to scrape the bowl and licking your finger. She was pretty excited about this maneuver.

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