September 28, 2011

Under our Table

We have this little ledge under our table. It's kinda like a little step or shelf. Or footrest. I'm not really sure what it is actually for, but every single kid who has ever been in our apartment finds it, tries to climb on top of it, and is all in all obsessed with it. I guess it's right at their level. I don't really see the least the MAJOR attraction that they all put on it. I mean,
With that said...when a kid is Gabby's is a little dangerous. She climbs up on it and if you aren't watching closely will climb or fall back off and PLOP...crying baby. So you get her to stop crying, put her all the way on the other side of the room...and five minutes later she's fallen off again. (OK, maybe she's only fallen off once or twice but she likes to sit there and attempt to get back on.) Actually, her new game is taking a ball and banging it over and over on top of it like it's a drum.
Here is Gabby and Brooklynn playing peek-a-boo. 

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