September 14, 2011

Nice Day for the Zoo

It has been gorgeous fall weather. Finally cool enough to spend more time outside so we are making good use of our zoo membership, once again.
Brooklynn INSISTED on bringing her baby and her stroller to the zoo. She pretty much insists on carrying everything she owns with her wherever she goes so I was thrilled it was just the stroller that SHE can push.
She was so cute pushing her baby all through the zoo. Sometimes she would stop and tell her baby what we were seeing..."See, baby? Sheep right here. Baaa." 
 Gabby was really good and actually fell asleep in her stroller. Usually she cries until I hold her and she sleeps in the wrap. Not today. She was fine in the stroller. This is maybe only the third time EVER this has happened.
Here Gabby and Brooke's baby are sleeping in their strollers while we hang out in front of the cougar cage and have a snack.
See? Brooklynn is even looking at her like, "Really? She's really asleep in there?"
 Brooklynn still walks around the zoo like she owns the place. This is HER train right here. 

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