September 3, 2011

Garage Sale Time! much work. A week late because of the hurricane, and twice the work because I had to move everything back in case of flooding, but all in all it was a success! We sold $99 worth of stuff we were going to throw away, anyway, and then we also sold a lot of our bigger items on top of that. I think so far we are around the $600 mark. We also now have room in our garage to ADD to it for the next one we're having. I literally got to a point when nothing else would even fit in the garage so I had to stop going through stuff. So we're going to do round 2 in a couple weeks since it's already out there anyway. 
 Brooklynn was our cookie and water salesgirl. The water wasn't as big of a hit as I thought it would be....and I had tons of water because of the hurricane. The cookies were much better. Brooklynn ate quite a few of them herself. She was able to buy Toy Story 3 with her earnings! She was so excited. 
 My girls. What good helpers.
The Hammes stopped over to say hi! Here is Brooklynn giving Levi a hug goodbye.
(Notice how Brooklynn is wearing like 5 different shirts in two days worth of garage sale-ing? Yeah...she kept getting that messy.)
My neighbors were BBQ ing some delicious chicken. We're talking...the best chicken I've ever tasted. I walked over to see if maybe he was going to be selling it (which he wasn't) but he was nice enough to bring me some when it was done. I think I dreamed about this chicken that night and probably will again tonight after seeing the picture again. 
Brooklynn made $17 in cookie money and another $10 for selling her slide.
Brooklynn got to get Toy Story 3 with her cookie money. (Buzz & Woody 3)
Here we are watching it! I cried again, of course. What a tear-jerker.  

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