November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Black Friday...oh I love shopping on Black Friday. I got almost all my shopping done this day. Josh and his Dad were nice enough to watch the kids all day while the girls headed to the outlet malls for the day. Thanks, guys! We had fun!
Some of us take the expression, "Shop 'til you drop" a little too literally.
 I left my camera with Josh and all these cute pictures were on looks like they had fun. MOST of the time. 

This is later after James got back from working. Look at how TIRED all the kids (and Josh) look. Must have been a long day.

 After the girls got back Josh and his Dad went shopping. He was VERY nice to get him an early Christmas present and take him suit shopping. (He needed a new suit for his job interviews a few days later.)
He looks VERY good, don't ya think? I think it was just what he needed to get the job. 
He got this suit (left) and a new blue blazer (right.) 
 I made the comment that I think that Josh's dad is trying to get some more Grandchildren into the mix. 

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