November 26, 2011

Christmas Tree Farm

Off to the tree farm again! For the last few years we've gone to this same tree farm after our old one closed down. We've had really good luck here. 
The kids are immediately excited once they see the HUGE blow up Santa.
Did I mention Brooklynn kept hugging Adeline ALL WEEKEND? Well...she did. It was precious.
 Cousin shot (minus Gabby)
 What a cute shot of Brooklynn with her Aunt Charity
 Adeline was a trooper since she didn't feel good. She hung out most of the time on this wagon.
 But she did get a little snuggle time in with Uncle Josh
 Aunt Erin got lots of wrestle time
 This was going to be our Christmas card picture...but alas we haven't sent it yet so we'll take a different one.
 Brooklynn's nest
 My girls (Don't worry, Gabby was snuggly in the wrap under my Peek-a-ru most of the time and just took a quick photo op.
 Bean Cousins by the trees
 Our little angel

Brooklynn kept pretty busy pulling the wagon around. It was pretty tricky over all the roots and stuff...but she insisted.

This tree took especially long to cut down. So much for leaving early for the tree farm. (Although I tried to tell everyone that it takes this long EVERY year.) At least it was fairly warm out.
Notice the blue was very sappy...and the home of SEVERAL mice. Poor guys.

 Time to go home...but not before we tackle Uncle Josh some more. (And Daddy)

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