November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Yes...I realize it's January. My life has been a little crazy lately. We finally have Internet as of this morning (YAY) so in my attempts to catch you all up on our lives, I'll just start where I left off.
This Thanksgiving we got to spend it with Josh's family.

I took this picture at a rest area and thought it was funny. (We're not really letting Gabby drive while Josh is sleeping.)
Homemade DONUTS!! Brooklynn was beyond excited to see her cousins. Gabby was just excited to be eating donuts.
Aunt Charity got Gabby this adorable 1st Thanksgiving hat and bib. She looks adorable. I knew Gabby would LOVE Thanksgiving, but I had no idea she'd have such a cute little turkey hat and big to go with it.
 My view at dinner:
Brooklynn is really warming up to Aunt Charity. I don't think Charity minds this one bit.
 Charity and James. (James are you going to punch Charity? I can't quite figure out what is happening with your fist...are you just trying to show all the ladies that you're married? Seriously...what is happening?)
 When we were finishing Gabby was crawling around on the floor. She is so smiley.
 Josh and Erin. All those Beans look so much alike.
 Aunt Joann and Uncle Roy got to join us for Thanksgiving. I didn't get any pictures of Uncle Roy (sorry!) but we got one of Josh and Aunt Joann. It was great to see you guys!
 Betsey joined us via Skype for a little while. We were sad she couldn't be with us but it was nice to see her face for a while. Betsey is all the way out in Washington state for her first year of residency.  
 Cute pic of the Muskegon Beans...I especially love Andrew's new smile he's working in almost all my pictures. :)
Brooklynn kept going up to Adeline and just giving her these huge she just couldn't contain how happy she was to see her. She kept it up the whole weekend, every time she saw her she would just keep hugging her. 
 Did I mention that Brooklynn was attached to Adeline the whole weekend? I barely saw Brooklynn...they kept going off to play "house" or "barbies". It was both sweet and a nice break for me.
 Gabby was very focused on playing with all the toys at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I didn't see her much, either...between all the playing and the passing her around for some niece and granddaughter lovin'. Also a very nice and needed break for me. 
Andrew was very attached to Grandpa. These two have a very special bond.
 Adeline's very nice artwork. It says "Brooke"
 Andrew also wanted me to take his picture with his special blanket. He loves those corners. 
 Andrew also loves Uncle Josh. Here is a cute picture of him. I keep trying to win him over as a favorite. I'm not quite there but I think one of these days he'll come around.

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