November 28, 2011

Josh's Interviews

Well, Josh had two job interviews on the Monday after Thanksgiving. The first one was in Kalamazoo, MI. He was hoping to at least get that job and we could stay with his parents until he found another job. It was an entry level position and he felt over-qualified so we were pretty confident that he would most likely get that. It turns out they would need at least 2 more steps in the interview process, so I asked if he could schedule the second part for Tuesday...he was able to do that so we ended up staying even longer than we were planning, and still driving back after the interview. (It was a LONG drive.)
The second interview was in Goshen, IN. As soon as I saw him afterwards it was like he was giddy. He said he LOVED the company, would love to work there. It's a Christian company so that would be great. The only problem is that 6 (or 7?) other people were interviewing for the same position. As soon as I saw him, though, I just KNEW that is the job he was going to get. He said he felt UNDER qualified for this position, but I kept telling him that it doesn't necessarily matter, they would train him, he would learn, etc. He liked the company so much that he was hoping to get at least SOME job there, maybe even in the future if he didn't get this job if something else opened up.
Well, I was so thankful for a good interview, I was glad he was so excited about it, I had been praying for God to show him a clear difference in where we were supposed to be.
We weren't planning on leaving Fort Wayne until Tuesday morning but then since he got the second interview at the other job we headed up to his parent's Monday night, so he wouldn't have to drive as far and so that I didn't have to get up as early with the girls and we could just hang out in Olivet until he came back.
On a side note...the drive home was awful. We actually almost stayed in a hotel and finished the drive early Wednesday morning. Luckily we didn't have to.

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