November 26, 2011


Brooklynn's new thing is to give everybody a "Bullseye." (Which to her means a lick right on the face.) There is a part in Toy Story 2 where Bullseye (the name of the horse) licks Woody (the cowboy toy). I guess that is where she gets it from? Anyway, several months ago Josh and Brooklynn were wrestling around and he was pretending to almost lick her on the face, and I think he actually got her once or twice and she was squealing, "no no! No Bullseye me!!" It was so funny we were all laughing so hard. But ever since then sometimes she will ask for a bullseye, or when we're kissing her good night she will try and lick's always pretty risky.

Well...we thought this would be really funny to have people ask her for a Bullseye (before they knew what it was) and she would quickly show them much to their despair. We sure got a laugh out of it, though.

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