June 27, 2009

Brooke's Crazy Sleeping Positions

I think Brooke takes after me when it comes to sleeping positions. When I was younger I apparently would take off my diaper and then go back to sleep with my bare butt sticking straight up in the air. (My parents have a picture of this proudly displayed in our family album). There is also one of me "hanging" with my legs in between the rails. Who knows what else I did.
My lovely daughter, Brooklynn, is very funny in her sleep. It is almost as if she runs in an imaginary hamster wheel at night. I'll put her head facing one direction and when I go to get her up most of the time she is facing the other way. Sometimes she gets stuck halfway and will try and stretch out and can't. Then she cries for us...not because she doesn't like it. Almost like a "hey, look what I can do!" She won't fall asleep any more unless her head is jammed right up against her crib bumper, or my pillow if she is in bed with us. It's pretty cute. That is, until you realize that it's because her legs never stop moving, even in her sleep and she keeps kicking you right in the side. So funny. I sleep hugging a pillow so I don't mind; she usually just kicks Josh instead.

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