June 3, 2009

Brooklynn's 4-month Dr. Visit

Brooke weighs 15 pounds, 2 ounces. She is now at the 85th percentile for weight. Her head is 16 inches and I think that is 50th percentile. (They always forget to write down the head stuff.)
And she is still tall for her age, measuring at 26 1/4 inches! That is above the 95th percentile, still. I keep waiting for her to even out. At least now her weight is going up, so she doesn't look so skinny; she looks just right.
She didn't cry this time for the oral vaccination, and the ones with the needles were as bad as ever. I tried to comfort her and even put a little sugar on her pacifier to distract her and then her face got BRIGHT red from her gearing up to scream-cry. It's horrible. She wouldn't even let me feed her this time to calm her down she was crying so hard. She eventually stopped crying and we left. But MAN, I hate putting her through that. I know it's better than her getting sick by not getting them, but still.
We got the official go-ahead to start solid foods! Right now we're trying rice cereal. She doesn't seem to like it very much.


Melissa said...

Just curious what type of baby carrier you are using? The black one in the FL pictures--is that a Moby wrap?

Bethany said...

Yes, it's a Moby Wrap! I love it! I also love the Hotslings pouch-style. I really love the Moby Wrap, though. They fit anyone and are super comfortable. I put Brooke in it every day.