June 23, 2009

Brooklynn is 5 Months Old!

Brooke turns 5 months old today. I can hardly believe how fast she is growing up. She is really getting to have a lot of personality! Sometimes (like all of last week) it comes out in very draining ways, but mostly it is very fun and cute. She is REALLY close to sitting up all by herself. She is very acrobatic; doing all kind of flipping and rolling...she even can do summersaults. (I will post some video of those later; she has been keeping me too busy and has not been sleeping incredibly well so it has been hard to make any time to put things on the computer. That and our computer is really slow.) She is laughing and saying a lot of "Ba ba ba ba ba" We started playing the song "Barbara Ann" by the Beach Boys for her; because it sound like she is trying to sing it. She loves it, she gets really excited and starts dancing to it when she hears it. We had a little turn for the better (finally) the last few days, she has not been nearly as whiny. She has really been whining a lot from her teething. I think she is getting used to it or it's getting better because she has had 3 pretty good days in a row. YAY!

Here are some pics from my birthday dinner at Olive Garden. (Thanks, Mom & Dad, for the gift cards!)

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Suzy said...

What a cutie ... have any of those teeth popped out yet? I keep wondering if my babies are getting close to teething ... can't feel anything under their gums yet, though.