June 29, 2009

Little Miss Chatterbox

Brooke is babbling away! Her favorite by far is: "ba ba ba" although she can say "ma ma" and has said "da da" although for "Daddy" she does a distinct "Dd" sound. She tries really hard and it's always when she's trying to talk about Josh. It is SO cute. The other night he had to work his Valet job and I had him read a story and pray for Brooke on a voicemail message. (Our bedtime routine) I played it for her and TWICE during the message she concentrated really hard and did her "Dddd" sound. I said, "that's right, it's Daddy!" and she looks so proud of herself. So cute I can hardly stand it. She mostly says "ba ba" sometimes if she is more talkative she says it all the live-long day. I much prefer the talking over the crying or whining.

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