June 3, 2010

Breakfast Time

So the other day I gave Brooklynn some pancakes which she loved. I also gave her a little puddle of syrup to dip her pancakes in. (I didn't want her to be forced into liking syrup b/c I never did like it until recently.) Unfortunately, she put the whole plate on her head like a hat with the syrup still on the plate. It was a sticky, nasty mess! We had to go right into the bathtub.


Suzy said...

Oh my! This is why my kids have never tasted syrup ... I'm afraid of the mess! You're a brave girl! :)

Charity said...

Lucky Brooke! I didn't give Addy syrup until she could eat really well with a fork. Same goes for Andrew. That boy is so messy already it would be all over him in two seconds. I agree with Suzy...you are a brave girl.