June 4, 2010

Brooklynn's 15-month Dr. Visit

Yeah, so we're just now getting to her Dr. visit...a month and a half later than we were supposed to.
Brooklynn screamed and cried, and that was just when they made her lay down to measure how tall she is. Then after that since she didn't hold still well enough, she made us do it again, so traumatic. After that Brooklynn kept giving the nurse dirty looks. It was actually kinda funny.
Brooklynn's new stats are: 32" long (80%), 21 pounds, 11 oz. (25%)and her head is 18 1/2 inches. They never give me a percentile for her head for some reason. So I was excited that Brooklynn is finally on the charts for her height! Up until now she has been so tall she has been off the charts, this is the first time she has made it on. I still think she could possibly be taller and it was very accurate b/c of the tantrum she was throwing while we measured her. I'll measure her later and see if its the same. Everyone always stops me and guesses how old she is and their guesses are NEVER younger than 2 or 3. I tell them, nope, she is 16 months old, not quite 1 1/2. They are always shocked and comment how big she is. The other day we were at a playdate with some kids very close in age to her and the tops of their heads only came to the bottom of her chin. She just towers above them all.
On a positive note: her hemoglobin is good!!! YAY! I was super annoyed we had to test this again because it is so sad, but was relieved that it was back up. I guess those vitamins are helping. She even came in and asked me what the Dr. told me to give her for her anemia (which they never told me last time that she actually had, so it caught me a little off guard. But then I was good.)
Brooklynn was sound asleep when we got home, clutching her pretzel for dear life and everything. I even carried her in to switch the laundry and her head kept bobbing around and then I brought her upstairs and put her in her crib. She slept through everything! So it must have been very tiring for her. She always wakes up whenever the car turns off and is ready to play.

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