June 10, 2010


We are headed to Toledo, OH; Fort Wayne, IN; Fishers,IN; and Olivet, MI for 12 days of fun fun fun!
Brooke is at that age where she gets really restless in the car when she is awake so hopefully she will do good. Otherwise pray for my sanity.
Our schedule:
June 10 Drive from Philly to Toledo with Brooklynn
June 10-12 Toledo to see Diana, Bernie, Bird & Bella (Jacob is away)
June 12-16 Fort Wayne to see Mom, Dad, Andi, Mia, Marisa, Myla
June 15 Fort Wayne Erin, Charity, Adeline & Andrew meet us at the zoo!
June 16-18 Fishers to see Andi, Marc, Mia, Marisa & Myla, Janelle & Todd and their boys
June 17 Josh flies to INDY!!!
June 18-20 Olivet to see all of the Beans
June 21 Drive back to Philly with Josh & Brooklynn
Can't wait to see everybody!
I also love phone calls during my drive. :)

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Kelly Elizabeth said...

Wishing you safe travels! Have fun seeing the family! :)