June 13, 2010


Sunday night Andi, Mia, Marisa and Myla came up to Fort Wayne to spend some time with us. We missed Marc, but we were excited to get to have some extra girl time. Brooklynn was SOOOOO excited when they got there. She immediately started following Mia around laughing hysterically. It was so cute. (I'll post a video in a later post.)
We haven't seen them since Christmas so we were excited to get to see them for so long. We couldn't believe how big Myla has gotten, she's about an inch shorter than Brooke, and weighs the same, already. How crazy. Actually, Brooke is awake right now playing and when she saw the pictures on here she came over pointing and smiling and saying....something I couldn't really understand but I'm guessing it's her version of all their names. I can tell she misses them already.

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