June 15, 2010

Happy News!

I just found out that we get to see Josh on Thursday night instead of Friday night! AND that means he gets to see all of my family now, I'm so excited.
We are pretty annoyed with Spirit Airlines who is having a pilot strike and cancelled all their flights. BUT, on a positive note, we get to get a credit PLUS $100 voucher for a future flight. (It was that or a full refund, I'll take the extra $100)
Josh was planning to fly from Atlantic City to Detroit Thursday and meet us in Olivet on Friday. NOw he's flying from Philadelphia to Indianapolis (where we'll be) on Thursday, see us and drive with us up to Olivet Friday. I'm so excited to see him a whole day early, what a fun Birthday present for me! (My Birthday is Friday and I'll be 23 again! For the 10th time!)
Can't wait to see you, Baby.

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Kelly Elizabeth said...

yeah! happy brithday!