July 12, 2010


One of Brooke's new games is saying "bee" and then we are supposed to tickle her. These videos don't really do it justice but it's been really hard to capture things on camera lately. She sees the camera and then is SO STUBBORN and won't do anything. Sometimes we leave our screen door to our balcony open so Brooke can go in and out but as a result we get a few flies here and there. She calls really any bug "bee" (ants, flies...any insect really) and chases them around. The other day she killed two of the flies with her bare hands and one ant. She's like a little kitten. She kills them with her affection when she catches them and then squeezes them. I really do like that she's not scared of bugs...I'm a little nervous with how much she LIKES them, especially when the time comes that she actually chases a bee and it stings her. Hopefully that won't happen.

p.s. The end of the video she DOES put that fly in her mouth. It was so gross, I had to fish out a dead, wet fly out of my daughter's mouth.

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