July 8, 2010

Duck Toy

Brooklynn's new favorite toy is this toy duck from the Murrays. She is always walking it around saying, "duck duck duck" which is her version of "quack quack quack". She is finally able to really maneuver it and she loves it.


Anonymous said...

Hye thats great!! thats so cool that she likes OUR duck toy!! does she still have that box from her christmas present??? R u calling the new baby viper?? its so wierd to think of brook as viper now i think we r going to see you when we come out to vist see you soon!!

Bethany said...

We don't have the box anymore, although we did keep it for a few days for her to play with.
The new baby's name is actually "Smash" not "Viper."
I can't wait to see you, Nell!

Anonymous said...

smash why do you call it smash??? Are you going to wait to see if it is a boy or a girl?? I am so excited to see you!!!!