August 2, 2011

6 Months Old!

Gabby, I can't believe you are 6 months already.
We love you so much. I can't imagine life without you. You are such a joy. I love your smile and your laugh. Brooklynn loves to make you laugh and giggle and it's so much nicer than when she used to like to make you cry. Poor Gabby.
I can't believe how big you are. You are 20 pounds at 6 months. I'm quite impressed. are HEAVY. When Brooklynn weighed that much she was walking so it was a lot easier to carry her around because she kind of helped us carry her. You still arch your back and so it is a lot of work. And don't even get me started on changing your diapers. You legs are so chubby I can't lift both of them with one of my hands anymore because I physically can't wrap my hand around them both at the same time. So I need one hand for each leg but then how do I get the diaper under there? It's a puzzle.
I do love how chubby you are. I LOVE chubby babies. I have an overflowing sense of pride and joy when I think about how chubby you are...especially since you have been strictly breastfed until this point and it makes me feel like all of my work has paid off (and you, too--you get points for being such a good eater).
Sadly, though, I think your chubby days are numbered. You are getting more and more active and I think you will slowly thin out and become a little string bean like your sister. Hopefully it will be SLOWLY, I'm going to miss those chubby arms and thighs.
You have two teeth. And I'm pretty sure you're working on several more the way you continue to chew on EVERYTHING. You can sit up now, all by yourself. I don't even need to put pillows around you in fear that you'll fall and hit your head. You REALLY want to crawl. And you're close, little lady. One of these days you will get it.
You love your sister, Brooklynn. She makes you laugh more than anybody in the world. You also LOVE Daddy and Mommy. And pretty much everybody else, as long as they are paying attention to you. Somethings you are babbling to yourself so LOUDLY it's almost like you're convinced we can understand you and you're just so shocked we're not paying attention to you. And we do a lot of the time, but since you talk every single second you're awake, it's hard to be 100% focused on trying to figure out what  you're saying, especially when you have to fight for my attention from your sister. Yup...your birth order traits are completely flipped. Brooklynn acts more like a second born and Gabby acts more like a first born.
Your favorite toy is still Sillytown, but you also always want to be on your tummy, practicing your crawling/spinning.
Gabby is SPINNING! I have to put toys all around her like a clock because she keeps turning and then cries when she can't find a toy. This way she always has something to play with and is much happier.

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