August 15, 2011


Remember how Brooklynn has to put all her babies to bed every night?
(Yeah, this happens ALL the time now. It's a very cute game, except when we are forced to bring several of them with us at all times whenever we go anywhere....I need a minivan just for Brooklynn's kids, let alone my OWN kids.)
Well, Brooklynn has become quite the little Mommy. She is always very conscious of where her babies are, if they're hungry or sleepy or awake...quite the next step from just pushing them around in a stroller. Now there are many more things we have to do including "rock her" and "hold her"and my favorite, " sleeping". Brooklynn is even insisting on holding her babies at the table...and she can barely reach her plate. I then have to remind her that the baby is asleep and I just lay her down nearby in a special "bed" I make for her. Sometimes this works...other times she insists that SOMEONE has to hold her.
I've been waiting for the day when Brooklynn would start nursing her babies. Well, the time has come. It is so cute. What I didn't prepare myself for is that her babies bite her, just like Gabby bites me sometimes. I guess Brooklynn is very aware of this happening.
My favorite is the video! "No no no! Naughty! Bite me!"
Hmmm...maybe she has heard me saying this lately.

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