August 15, 2011

Sink Bath

So...I never did give Brooklynn a bath in the sink. This whole time I figured it was more work to empty and clean the sink, then clean it again after we were done....boy did I miss out on a fun time! It is GREAT! Not only are we already in the kitchen, I can just plop her in the sink, fill it up and rinse all the food off of her. It's especially nice because I have to use LESS water than a tub and it's right at a good level so it's kinda like I'm washing really cute and chubby dishes. And I can still keep an eye on Brooklynn while she finishes her lunch or dinner. The only downside? I often forget to put a towel by the sink for when we're done. So then I get SOAKED.
This routine happens a few times a day...since my children are not capable of being mess-free.
All Gabby wants to do the entire time is chew on the faucet.
My favorite. Thanks, Josh, for capturing such a sweet little face.
My view...
the end.

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Charity said...

by favorite post! love it!