August 4, 2011

A Close One...

So today's nap Brooklynn keeps playing. I keep hearing her Little People guys clinking on the house. Once I went in and I found two of them all the way down her pajamas near the feet. Another time there were about 10 of them lined up on the window. I think she is slowly phasing out of her nap, especially when all we do in the morning is go to the Doctor's office...not much opportunity to blow off energy there so she's just not tired.
She's gone to the bathroom twice on the potty (I've gone in there and she says "potty".)
Mostly I'm just letting her have some down time and play quietly. And then all of a sudden through the monitor I heard the distinct sound of velcro tabs from her diaper opening. Uh-oh.
Sure enough, I went in, feety pajamas with safety pin through the zipper are OFF bundled up on the bed, and her diaper is about 1 second away from being thrown off her body. (This was the second time she went on the potty, actually.) I'm not sure where she was hoping to GO to the bathroom, but at least we're making grounds in the potty-training department. One of these days I'll be brave enough to put her in underwear and skip the feety pajamas and throw a potty seat in there or take the child lock off her doorknob so she can go to the bathroom by herself. But am I setting myself up for disaster? I just have no idea when to switch. I guess one of the days it will just happen. Maybe I'll have to cover everything in saran wrap or something and then just go with it. I'm just not ready to risk it.
So now that she's figured out the safety pin...I will be putting masking tape around the pin so she can't take it off. Not sure what else to do.
**Note: The masking tape only worked for one nap. I had to switch to duct tape.

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