August 21, 2011

The Curse of Aunt Erin

Erin used to be a biter. Like so bad she got kicked out of the nursery because of biting so many of the kids.
(Or something like that, I wasn't there.)
Josh told me I HAD to title this post that....and it had to catch up with one of the Beans eventually.
Gabby got bit today in the nursery....pretty hard. Right on her FACE. Poor Gabby.
The saddest part? She was in there for ONE song. ONE. That is some quick work.
I don't blame the kid who bit her. I kinda want to take a bite out of her, too...she's so squishy and chubby and I just kinda want to sink my teeth into her. (Except I'm old enough to know better...and I would never actually do it. But how can I blame another little baby?)
 OUCH. Poor Gabby.

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