August 6, 2011

Night Night, Babies

Saturday night Josh worked his valet job. And its always harder to put the girls down by myself. So I decided to make it more fun and play babies with Brooklynn before bed after putting Gabby down. WOW did she love this game. She made me put every single one of her babies in a swaddle blanket, and I had to rock each and every one of them, kiss them goodnight and put them in Gabby's pack & play. Also...sometimes they would wake up and I would have to rock them again. Or Brooklynn would...we took turns. What a fun game. I didn't realize this would turn into a DAILY thing. 
Notice that they even all had to have a binky.
 Brooklynn also INSISTED that she sleep on the floor next to her babies.
Meanwhile...Gabby was sound asleep in her crib.

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