August 3, 2011

My View from the Kitchen Sink

I sometimes fantasize about having an amazing view out a window while I wash dishes. My old apartment it was a WALL. You know how some people have windows they get to look out of? And some of those people it's this gorgeous view? I sometimes wish I was one of those people. 
Our apartment now has an open kitchen and you can look right into it...and so basically you can always see that it's messy. But it was also one of the selling points for this place for me...I HATED feeling trapped in the kitchen, left out of everything. I wanted to feel part of what was going on, even if I had to be cooking or cleaning.
And really...I get to look at THIS. I wouldn't trade this for anything. I love my view.
I also really like that Gabby is fairly safe with just Brooklynn in the room now. I couldn't do this for several months...for fear of her actual life. I'm not even exaggerating. Now Brooklynn is actually helping Gabby sometimes, without my prompting...just because she's aware that she needs help sometimes with her play. It's so sweet.

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