August 19, 2011

Baby-Led Weaning

So I had no idea there was this entire method called "BabyLed Weaning." That is basically what we did with Brooklynn and I never knew that it was an actual "thing." So I learned about it and have been researching it and I'm loving it. It is basically what it sounds like and it's completely up to your baby what and how much food to give them. Both of my kids hated anything I've tried to actually FEED them. With Brooklynn I had to just kinda slop food on her tray and hope she would get enough into her mouth after "painting" with it, and then sticking her hands in her mouth. Then she started eating when she was able to do finger foods. Well...Gabby sort of took the initiative when she grabbed my pizza as her first food. I guess she is more of a take-charge kind of girl. 
Anyway, the whole theory is that your baby is capable and actually enjoys just eating BIGGER pieces of food they can hold onto and gnaw pieces of food off. Think an entire carrot, not bite sized pieces of carrot. This was a whole new revelation for me and so much easier than trying to force baby food down their mouths. I guess smaller, bite-sized pieces are MORE of a choking hazard than a bigger piece of food they chew on and get smaller bits off. We're still learning what is OK and what is not, but Gabby is LOVING it. She still hates when we try and give her baby food. Or try and "help" her eat at all. She wants to do it all herself. 
In case you are not sure what a mean...this is Gabby with normal baby food...
EVERY time we try and "feed" her anything on a spoon this is what happens. 
You can now understand why I decided to try something else.
Here is Gabby eating a tomato:
some corn on the cob:
and some chicken:

 She even likes sweet potato! 
The chicken bone was the biggest hit so far.

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Suzy said...

Very interesting! Wish I'd known about this when my kids were learning to eat solids ... they might eat a bigger variety right now!