August 13, 2011

Brigintine Beach, NJ

What a perfect day at the beach!!! GREAT weather, GREAT friends, all the kids took naps on the beach, and I didn't get too badly burnt. Good waves, yummy food....Ahhhh...nothing but good memories.
 Gabby ate so much sand. I kept waiting for her to quickly stop after tasting it the first time...nope. She loved it. She ate more sand than any ACTUAL food.

We ended the day eating at a restaurant with our friends. Brooklynn insisted on "sugar pizza" which they didn't have. I had to special order it, and they didn't have cinnamon, only cocoa powder and sugar....and it was really yummy.

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Anonymous said...

okay, a few things. First, very cute pictures - loved them all! Second, I love how Gabby just keeps eating the sand (which really looked more like mud), as if it really tasted good. And lastly, I especially thought it was funny how you kept saying, 'Yucky, Gabby. No, no." And yet you just let her keep piling mud into her mouth. Hilarious! That's a great should definitely resurface come graduation open house time :). Thanks for the blog updates - they brighten up my day. Love you