December 23, 2011

Bean Christmas

 Four very excited Bean kids waiting to open some Christmas presents!
 Our little family
 The Bean of my favorite pictures of them all so far...they don't usually go so well. Maybe the excitement of Christmas made them all cooperate pretty well?
Me with my favorite 5-year-old in Michigan
  Grandpa reading the Christmas story
  Andrew couldn't wait to open his present from us. Do you think he knew what was inside?

 Brooklynn got some bath paints with re-usable pages and a really cute Ariel bath toy. She plays with it WAY more than just in the bathtub. Thanks, Aunt Erin!

The kids opened their presents from Great Grandpa & Carol.
Brooklynn got two Barbies that she was her first real Barbie and she is pretty excited about it.
 Gabby got a cute pink snowsuit. She didn't want to try it on at first (like any other article of clothing)
but after some persuasion she was fine.
 Gabby got this princess ride-on toy...she LOVES it. In fact, she pushes it and rides it all the time. Lately she rides it facing the back (backwards) it's super cute. 
 Brooklynn was so excited about her "Baby Jesus". 

 Josh got a new phone box...which was filled with cereal. We did a similar wrapping years ago and Charity's  box of cereal was empty so she was pretty excited to pay him back for that. Don't worry, he still got the phone, just after all the kids ate all the cereal.
 This present was so pretty I had to take a picture.  
 Josh modelling his new suit he got over Thanksgiving which was his actual present (he just got it early so he could you know...get the job and stuff).
 Joann got to be part of our Christmas. We were excited to have you! (Brooklynn keeps saying, "Where'd Joann go?")
 Brooklynn loves to bring stuff everywhere she goes....she's a "carrier." Well, she got her OWN set of dishes and she was pretty excited to show Grandpa each and every one of them.

 Brooklynn and her boyfriend Uncle James. When she was not playing Barbies or kitchen she was with Uncle James. 
 The Muskegon Beans and Aunt Betsey all went in together and got Brooklynn this sweet Barbie bike. She loves it and she could drive it pretty well right away. Look at this pure excitement.
 Playing a little peek-a-boo with Grandma at lunch.

 Brooklynn and Aunt Erin. 
 This one is my favorite. You should watch out for that, Erin.
 Look at this little man. I mean, really...can you get any cuter?
 Gabby is really starting to be cute around Andrew. They're going to be good friends.

Good Christmas, everybody! Thanks for all the presents, you are all too generous to us. We loved being back and seeing everybody. We were also excited not to have to drive 12 hours afterwards. :)

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