December 10, 2011

Homemade Christmas Presents

I saw these homemade hair bow holders on Etsy and I had to have two for my girls...and I also thought my nieces should have some, too. They were $20 on Etsy so I decided to just make my own instead. Looking back, it really is a fair price for the amount of time and energy it took to make them. I guess it was worth it to save a little money.
I was also making all the bows anyway so now it would be more of a present, AND a cute way to give them.

 Gabby loved "helping me" braid the long braids. (which was no easy task.) 
 Here is Gabby testing out all the ribbon to see which ones would make the tastiest bows.

I also decided to make these picture ornaments for everyone in our families...which was pretty easy except when you're trying to do so many of them AND move across the country at the same time. I was way more work than I thought...but they are cute so that is good.

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Suzy said...

LOVE those bow holders!!!! I pinned them. :)