December 15, 2011


My dear friend, Julie babysits for Cece and Andy since we are moving. (I babysat for Cece last year and since we were moving she found someone else....she splits time with that sitter and Julie for her long-term sub position.)
Anyway...Thursday night we stayed with Jeff and Emily so we could get most of our bigger stuff downstairs and not have to sleep on stuff or need stuff in order to sleep in our apartment. Thursday during the day we decided to have one last playdate and Josh and I brought over the girls and Julie was there babysitting and had Levi and just let the kids play. It was a nice break for her and it was just fun to be able to get one more playdate in before the move. (And we didn't have any toys left at our really it was helpful for us to have a break away from our place.)
We brought the girls home for their naps and Josh and I packed some more and then the plan was to go back over when they woke up, have dinner and Josh, Jeff and Eric went over to carry some stuff downstairs to get a head start on the loading on Friday. Well....literally during the girl's naps, the LAST FEW HOURS that we were technically "living" in our apartment Josh played me a message on his voice mail saying that Josh is going to get a job offer tomorrow. I didn't even think this was possible, I still thought he had another step of his interview process so we were BEYOND excited....I was on cloud 9 the rest of the day just SO EXCITED and GRATEFUL. It was also the first day that Josh wasn't working at Devon anymore...he took the last two days off to help with the move.
So we went over to the Bryant's and right after we prayed for dinner Josh said, "amen...oh, and I got the job." It was so fun. 
It was so great being able to do the whole actual move knowing that we had a job, a place we were going to end up and that God was completely providing for us. I can't even begin to describe how excited we were and how at peace about this whole thing we felt, especially now that he had a job. And the timing couldn't be more clear that this whole thing is from God. Basically....if he would have gotten the job and we would have waited to decide to would be too late and he'd probably have to turn it down. Or we would have had to stay home for Christmas. Or we would have had to go home, come right back, and then move. I just can't imagine it being any more perfect of timing.

Here is one more kid picture:

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