December 14, 2011

The Road to Walking

Gabby started to get really good at just standing; holding on to something or not. She had this skill basically mastered by 8 months. She's not really taking any steps yet; and not really trying.
Then she started to be able to take steps with assistance. 
This next video is the first night she started taking steps by herself. She was really motivated by trying to steal Brooklynn's popcorn. 
Here's a video of her actually taking a step by herself. (the morning after the previous one.)
Shortly after this she started taking 1-3 steps consistently.
Here she is practicing with her walker.'s official. Yesterday Gabby practiced ALL DAY, really hard. Every time I looked at her she was very focused, taking more and more steps. It's almost like she woke up yesterday morning and said, "OK, I'm doing this TODAY."
Here she is. (December 13)

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