December 19, 2011

Gingerbread House 2011

So trying to do anything Christmas related before the move was just not going to happen. I didn't want to skip it, though so I packed all my stuff to do at the Bean house after we got there. So after packing up Friday, driving Saturday, and unpacking Sunday...Monday we relaxed a bit and during naps I baked the gingerbread house parts, and then Monday evening we decorated it! It was fun to do some Christmas-y things. I asked Josh how he wanted to decorate it this year and he answered "like a Christmas tree!" (Of course, why wasn't I thinking that?)
It didn't go quite as planned...instead of the frosting looking like on the quickly flopped and looked like the picture on the right. It was still cute, though.
I don't think Brooke minded as long as she got to eat M&Ms and frosting.
She was very into her work. I handed her a star to frost for the top and of course one of them had a Brooklynn-sized bite out of it...we used it anyway.   
 Josh AND Brooklynn were pretty into their work.
Brooklynn demonstrating her favorite part of this activity:
 And here is our finished product...our gingerbread house decorated like a Christmas Tree.
I didn't weigh it but if I were to guess it's about 12 pounds of cookie, frosting and candy.

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