December 7, 2011

Brooklynn's Thoughts on our Move:

I think overall the kids are excited to be moving. I think all the boxes and tubs are more fun than their normal toys, anyway. (And they're BOTH helping me UN-pack already, too...even though we haven't moved yet. I have to pack each box like 3 times.)
It's still bittersweet for us, although honestly I am so busy I haven't been able to process it too's more a race against the clock to get everything done. It will hit me after we're gone, I'm sure.
The other day I went into Brooklynn's room and she was looking out her window, looking very sad. I asked her to tell me why she was sad and she was talking about the "goats...say bye see goats" etc. I THINK she is sad that we won't get to go to our zoo anymore. I tried to tell her that there are OTHER zoos that we can go to and she said, "No..MY zoo here." So I think she actually realizes that we are in fact leaving this area and our apartment. (more than we realize.)
So again today I was trying to talk to her about things. I asked her if she wanted to move, if she was happy about it. She said, "no...too long. So far. Long drive. Sick in the car." (She gets car sick and throws up pretty much every time we do the drive.) I tried to tell her that after we move we can go see everybody and it will only be a short drive. We only have to do the long drive one more time.
She also keeps calling Josh's parents house "Adeline's house." I think it's going to be a rude awakening for her when she realizes that Adeline doesn't actually live there, too...she just sees her every time she's there so it's only natural she'd think she lives there, too.
All in all she's having a blast. I emptied all my fancy purses out of my closet and she's added them all to her purse collection...and carries them all over the place. She also had a hay day with all my sunglasses. (I have a LOT of sunglasses. Probably 50 pairs.) Occasionally she'll get really mad at me if she realizes I packed something of hers away.
OK, no more time to write...have to get back to work.

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