December 11, 2011

Going Away Party

Our friends had a going away party for us. It was fun to see everybody and now looking back I'm going to try not to start crying as I write this. I'm starting to feel a little lump in my throat even now.
We LOVE our friends. Each and every one of them has touched our lives and our hearts. We are so sad we will not see you all as often, but we do know it's not goodbye forever. So many times over the years we have all reflected and we have said and other people have told us that it is RARE to find so many amazing quality GOOD friends. We watch football with you, go camping, go to the beach, have Bible Study, laugh, cry, watch each other fall in love and get married, then watch each other have one and sometimes two kids....It saddens me knowing that the road is much longer between all of us, but please always remember that you are still often in my thoughts and prayers. Also know that it will just take a little more effort to hang out. I think the last few years we have taken for granted the short drive it takes to hang out and spend time happens, kids happen and it is longer and longer in between the times when we see each other. These are all things I couldn't really get out that Sunday night because I was crying...but you are all so amazing and we love you. I can't wait to see you each again soon. Please don't forget to tell us about things like our annual camping trip and beach trip because we will try and come. We are used to making the drive to see family out here and like we have said many are not just our good friends but our "Pennsylvania family". 
Our friends made us a big framed picture of several pictures of all of us over the years. I love it and it will be treasured always. They also wrapped up a box of Kleenex but instead of Kleenex it was filled with cash they had all put in. You are so generous and it was put to good use since moving is so expensive. I can't thank you all enough...but it is one more example of how God has provided for us in this crazy journey.
Brooklynn had to put the moves on Levi right before we left. They were playing SO cute together.

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