December 13, 2011

Trying to be "Normal"

In the midst of trying to cherish my girls and help them adjust a little...I would occasionally stop what I was doing and just be Mommy. These moments were much fewer than I wish were actual during these crazy two weeks, but I did try. make me smile so much. Look at this personality:

 And OH my gosh, my sweet little Brooklynn. I LOVE when you crawl up in my lap and watch videos on the computer. It's my favorite.
 Gabby eating what looks like oatmeal and french fries...good job, Mommy. (Did I mention that we ate a LOT that last week or two? We didn't have much food or stuff to cook the food in left so we just would keep getting more take out.)
 Gabby is OBSESSED with the vacuum. Like she crawls around trying to attack it the whole time. She loves it. She also loves my broom....I think she is going to be my little helper soon.

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