December 16, 2011

The Big Move

Friday morning Josh picked up the truck and worked all day loading the truck while I worked upstairs finishing the last minute stuff and cleaned. So many people came out to help at different times and we are so grateful. I lost count but most people stayed for a few hours and then replacements came. We finished pretty late but then as we pulled out the poor girls could barely move, all I could see were there tiny faces sticking out of tons of our stuff. (We organized it a little better for the long drive so they had a little more room.)
So I don't have any pictures of Friday...too busy to take any and who knows where my camera ended up in the midst of all the craziness.
The few people that were left at the end huddled up with us, we prayed and then had some tearful goodbyes and then we started the drive. It was sad but also a relief to be DONE PACKING. I basically haven't had a break since July. It's been a long crazy journey.
We drove up to Jasmine and Brady's house in Allentown to stay with them. That way we were already about an hour into our trip but we were too tired to do much more than that after packing all day. 
We woke up Saturday morning and noticed that Brooklynn and Sadie had on matching pajamas! And even more unexpected is that we didn't even plan this. How fun. 
Then we were off! Josh drove the truck and I followed with the girls behind him. That means we both had to drive the whole time. He had a second interview the week before (or two weeks before? I can't remember, it's all a blur) and drove his car and flew back so we had been sharing my car..and we didn't have to tow it or get a third driver.
The girls (and me...let's be honest) were SO EXCITED to be reunited with Josh at the rest areas. I even splurged at one of the rest areas and bought some ear plugs. Where have THOSE been all my life? Seriously. 
 Brooklynn was very excited to test out driving the "big truck". 

 So I wasn't sure how fast Josh could drive in the truck so I followed him the whole way there...and I got SO. SICK....of looking at all the ads on the back of the truck. 
 Yeah...we "filled up" 4 times on our drive. Except the gas tank never was "full" the gas pump cut us off at the $100 mark. Having a Honda Civic this was very very very tough for me to stomach. YIKES. 

Overall we were both completely sleep deprived and so physically and emotionally tired that we were pretty nervous about making the long drive with no "shifts"...we both had to drive the whole way, and Josh in a 26 foot truck. Praise the Lord that we were both alert and completely awake the entire was a pretty smooth drive and we all made it safely.
Sunday we unloaded our truck into two storage rooms. Josh's brother, James came up, my parents came up  and Josh's friend Mike met Josh, Josh's Mom and myself at the storage unit. My Mom watched the girls so we were both able to help. It went MUCH faster than the packing/loading part.
I also forgot my camera for this part...but I took pictures when we loaded up to move to Goshen a few weeks later.

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