December 28, 2011

Visiting Goshen

So this is our new town! We were so excited to visit to see where we were going to be living. Josh had a meeting with his work so we all decided to go to visit. During the meeting we went to McDonalds playland and also visited a mall. (If it deserves to be called a "mall".) When we dropped Josh off for his meeting we got to go in and meet his new boss and even get a tour of the building. It is really nice! 

Here is good old, flat Indiana. I love it.
Here is Everence from the outside. Isn't it a nice building?
I was really excited to see so many fast food we're not entirely isolated from the world. It has quite a bit of stuff.
 After we picked Josh up we drove to our new house to see it. We weren't able to go in yet but at least we got to see the outside. We would have the top floor. And it's only half of our rent from PA. Sweet. I told Josh I could live here regardless of what the inside looked like; after all, it's only for a few months, right? He still wanted to be able to see the inside to make sure so we'll have to come back.
 Since Josh was back we drove around a little more to see more of Goshen. Here is "downtown." 
 This is Shanklin Park...what a cute place! Brooklynn is going to be so excited. Both of the girls were sleeping at this point so we just kind of drove around, and then headed back to Olivet.

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