December 2, 2011

10 Months Old

Dear sweet Gabby,
I can't believe you are 10 months old!
10 months old is my FAVORITE age for babies. They're old enough to really have lots of personality, but still little enough that they're babies. They can do so many things by themselves but they also still need you. I love this age. Many of you might not realize...but we moved when Brooklynn was 10 months old, and now we moved when Gabby was 10 months old. This saddens me to no end because for both of you I feel like I couldn't cherish this month at fact it's all kind of a blur. I tried to take many breaks and just enjoy you and all your little 10 month old self was doing....but makes me want to cry when I took one of these breaks from packing and realized, "oh...Gabby is walking." I missed it. I mean...I guess technically I saw you take your first steps...and I realized that you were practicing...but really? I don't know when you made the switch from taking some steps occasionally to all out walking. Because I was busy...packing. Then again, no one told you that you were allowed to start walking yet.

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