May 13, 2011

100 Days Old!


100 days ago you came into our lives in the middle of a snow storm. (An ice storm, actually.) And now it is in the mid-70's. And gorgeous.

Quite a lot has happened in those 100 days. I have this cool program that keeps track of all my pictures so I know this for a fact...I have taken 872 pictures of you. Actually more if you count all the ones I've deleted.

You started out the sweetest baby on earth. SO easy, so calm. Then we brought you home and you got jaundice. And then colic. Mommy and Daddy still loved you very much, but it was hard to live with you those first 3 months. Mostly we just wanted you to be happy! I'm glad you won't remember how sad you were those first three months. Occasionally you would be happy and smile and it would be the most beautiful, joyous thing EVER. Sometimes we let you have no diaper on and you loved that. Then you would be awake and not screaming. And sometimes we would let you be completely naked and then it was like we hit the jackpot. When it first got nice out this spring you actually had about an entire week of naked time and you were the happiest you had ever been in your entire life. Then it got a little colder and you got sad again.

Brooklynn went from kind of liking you, to not really caring about you (most of the time) but now she adores you. It is such a fun game for her to put her hair right near your hand so you will pull it. She actually loves it and laughs hysterically. What a weird sister you have. She loves you now and loves giving you kisses and holding you. She still hasn't figured out the best times to want to do these things, but she'll get there.

Gabby, you used to ONLY like to be held, or in the Moby Wrap. Now you like your bouncy seat and infant floor gym a lot, and have even ventured into your swing and the exersaucer! You also like tummy time now, too. And my favorite one? You are much better about going to bed at night. I love you but it is nice to have a break for an hour or two every night now. But then I usually miss you and can't wait to snuggle you all night.

You have had probably 4 colds already. It is no fun when a baby is sick. Your sister Brooklynn didn't get sick at all until she was 11 months old. I had no idea how sad and hard it was...especially when you can't do anything to help. I am very thankful for how healthy you are, though. You have thankfully only gotten colds and not anything serious.

Most significantly, you have blessed us and changed us forever. We are now a family of FOUR. I now have TWO amazing and beautiful daughters. I'm twice as busy and twice as tired but I love it more than twice as much. Gabby, I love being your Mommy. I'm so glad you are in my life.

Love, Mommy

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